Top 10 Indoor Farming Companies – 2022

Indoor Farming Companies – 2022

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  • Shipshape Urban Farms

    Shipshape Urban Farms (SUF) designs and manufactures modular, hydroponic farms that make fresh vegetables accessible in urban markets year-round. Shipshape training allows urban “agripreneurs” to produce 5.1 acres of crops within a 500 square foot “Smart Farm” that is automatically controlled via the “Digital Farmer” app.

    Whether for-profit or not-for-profit, every farmer who has purchased our farm shares our commitment to democratizing access to food and sustainability

    Kenneth Dale Speetjens, Co-Founder, President and CEO

    Mobile, Birmingham & Huntsville
  • Hammock Greens

    Hammock Greens operates container farms, each featuring a state-of-the-art controlled-environment agriculture system that gives them complete control of the elements and enables them to growdelicious and nutritious food anywhere they want without depending on toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

    Our mission is to produce the best live organic greens possible with the innovation of technology. Eliminating the unpredictability of traditional farming and reducing the dependence on weather conditions

    Thomas Smitherman, Chief Greens Officer

    Miami, FL
  • Babylon Micro-Farms

    Babylon Micro-Farms is a developer of an on-demand indoor farming technology designed to make sustainable indoor farming more accessible. The company's technology decentralizes urban farms, and develops hydroponic home appliances that combine innovative technology and easy-to-use systems to automate growing processes, enabling the community of growers to grow their own fresh produce all year-round with less water, food waste, and pollutants.

  • Back to the Roots

    Back to the Roots is a retailer of indoor gardening, agricultural, and food products intended to sell ready-to-grow and ready-to-eat items. The company's platform offers products such as water gardens, home aquaponic ecosystems, indoor gardening kits, seeds, microgreens as well as a range of windowsill herbs and veggie planters, enabling customers to enjoy growing the plants themselves inside their homes.

  • Bowery Farming

    Bowery Farming, a modern farming company designed to deliver organic produce. The company builds smart indoor farms near cities, growing fresher, pesticide-free protected produce such as lettuce and herbs with bold flavor in a precisely controlled environment along with its proprietary technology that integrates software, hardware, sensors, AI, computer vision systems, machine learning models and robotics to orchestrate and automate the entirety of its operations, enabling farmers to waste less and consumers to eat and stay healthy.

  • Browns Greenhouse

    Brown’s Greenhouse is a premier wholesale grower of annuals, perennials and vegetables. Established more than 30 years ago, Brown’s Greenhouse strives to master the art of growing exceptional and hardy plants, delivering innovative plant varieties to stay ahead of “garden” trends and provide exceptional, responsive customer service.

  • Copiana

    Copiana is an Atlanta-based company dedicated to providing unique amenities and sustainable solutions. Their coordinators strives to create different quarterly events that accentuate monthly harvests while continuously creating nutritional materials to share with clients, such as farm-fresh recipes, informative monthly newsletters, virtual lunch and learns, health blogs, and engaging videos.

  • HydroGreen

    HydroGreen is a farmer-founded company pioneering an innovative livestock feed solution for stronger animal agriculture systems. The company's automated system grows small grains from seed to feed in six days with minimal water and power and offers a nutritious and a reliable food source regardless of weather or market conditions, enabling users to replace the feed potential of 250 acres in a 24-by-6 feet area with this system.

  • Local Bounti Corp.

    Local Bounti Corp. is a premier controlled environment agriculture company. Its business model is based on building local facilities, operated by local teams, to deliver fresh and quality produce to local communities while maintaining a limited carbon footprint. Using proprietary technology to grow leafy greens and herbs in smart greenhouses with a cultivation process that uses less water and land than conventional agriculture, free from herbicides or pesticides.


    SILVER FERN simplifies horticulture business with technology for growers. The company leverages technology to redeem horticulture professionals' time. SILVER FERN's collection of software tools that help growers make the most of their business data. Their IoT devices combine hardware and software to control greenhouse equipment from web browser or mobile device anywhere, anytime.